Pilot line for European Production of PEROvskite-Silicon taNdem modules on Industrial scale

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Europe is facing the challenge of making its energy system clean, secure and efficient while ensuring industrial leadership in low-carbon energy technologies. The EU has ambitious goals to tackle the ongoing climate crisis and targets climate neutrality by 2050. Photovoltaic (PV) power generation is pivotal in this transition and the achievement of the zero-emission target.

PEPPERONI was set up to support Europe in reaching its renewable energy targets. PEPPERONI will help advance perovskite/silicon tandem photovoltaics (PV) technology’s journey towards the market introduction and mass manufacturing.

The project will identify and address the barriers to tandem solar technology’s market introduction. And ultimately lay the foundations for fast implementation of new production capacity in Europe as a cost-effective and resource-efficient solution to decarbonise the energy system.

A pilot line enabling this development will be established in Thalheim, Germany with the long-term vision of enabling European industrial leadership on PV production in the global market.

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