Project Handbook (D1.2, M3 - January 2023)

Another deliverable from WP1 that facilitates coordination and implementation of activities within the project is the PEPPERONI Handbook, developed by accelopment. This deliverable, set as an interactive file, provides all participants of the project with easy-to-understand guidance on all important aspects of taking part in such a collaborative and interdisciplinary project in Horizon Europe. It is aimed at being the first source of information on several topics related to coordination, administration, financial and legal information as well as communication. The report complements information from key project-related documents and contracts, including the Grant Agreement and the Consortium Agreement. Structured around five key topics, the PEPPERONI Handbook is complemented with informative infographics and visuals that highlight key information about the processes and requirements.

ProjectHandbook 1
The cover page of the deliverable

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