Improved silicon bottom cell for perovskite/silicon tandem cell (D3.1, M12 - October 2023)

Perovskite/silicon tandem cells consist of a silicon bottom cell and a perovskite top cell, connected by functional layers for efficient charge transport. To enable a tandem cell performance >30% power conversion efficiency (PCE), the traditional silicon cell must be optimised for the application as tandem bottom cell. Additionally, the bottom cell development needs to not only cater for performance, but also economic constraints and changing cell designs. As part of PEPPERONI work package 3, the project partners from Qcells conducted important developments to improve critical bottom cell properties like passivation quality or the reduction of optical losses, enabling key technological and technical goals of the project. The
applied improvements have led PEPPERONI partners to notable results. 

General distribution of light absorption in a tandem device. @Qcells

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