Installation of lab-scale slot-die coater for perovskite and contact layers (D5.3, M9 - July 2023)

Slot-die coating is a proven technology for the precise, scalable production of thin films from many inks, widely used in commercial roll-to-roll manufacturing. Slotdie coating is also a promising candidate as a perovskite deposition method. As part of their contribution to the project, partners from FOM Technologies successfully installed the lab-scale slot-die coater at CSEM premises. The FOM vectorSC tool integrates industry-grade components and user-friendly features, providing an efficient workflow and control for coating various active materials. The tool will be tested and validated by CSEM partners within the development of perovskite/silicon tandem cells and smallarea prototypes. The exchange of information between partners will allow to optimise the tool for the PEPPERONI pilot line and the project‘s technical objectives 

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Slot-die coater installed at CSEM.
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