Dissemination and Exploitation Plan including Communication activities (D9.2, M6 - April 2023)

This deliverable represents a comprehensive Plan for Dissemination and Exploitation, including Communication (PDEC) activities. It functions as a roadmap for the entire span of the project to all partners and presents sustainability measures ensuring the project’s impact beyond its 48 months. The PDEC was developed to ensure the efficient use of resources and successful outreach of PEPPERONI. The report prepared by accelopment presents a joint plan of the PEPPERONI consortium for all outreach activities, including their expected impacts and evaluation methods. To this end, it covers key aspects, including a clear strategy, implementation framework, communication, dissemination and exploitation activities with defined timings, target audiences, responsibilities and evaluation metrics. To ensure efficient implementation, all communication and dissemination activities as well as exploitation opportunities will be routinely monitored and documented with the input of involved consortium members.

Overview of the stakeholders groups addressed by the PEPPERONI project

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