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Exciting news for PV enthusiasts and followers of the PEPPERONI project! We’re thrilled to announce that the first issue of our bi-annual PEPPERONI newsletter is available. Dedicated to photovoltaic (PV) research and industry developments with a focus on perovskite/silicon tandem technology and its potential for wide implementation. Join us as we explore the intricate landscape of PV technology, from its challenges to technological breakthroughs driving Europe towards a sustainable and green future.

In this edition, we are sharing new recommendations from the European Commission on greenhouse gas emissions reduction by 2040 that highlight the importance of advancing PV technologies, including perovskite/silicon tandem solar cells and modules. Discover how this approach offers promising solutions for more efficient and cost-effective solar energy generation. Additionally, gain valuable insights into the essence of the PEPPERONI project as we unveil its objectives, key milestones, and the role it plays in advancing PV research and industry standards. Dive deeper into the intricate workings of the PV value chain, where innovation seamlessly intertwines with sustainability. Explore the latest industry insights, technological advancements from the project, and collaborative efforts driving the PV sector forward. Whether you’re a seasoned PV expert or an avid follower of sustainable energy initiatives, our newsletter promises to keep you informed and inspired.

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